Nov 10, 2012

Zach Larsen | Mad Props in the Paper

SALT LAKE CITY — A lot of attention has primarily focused on Jordan's offensive production, specifically its plethora of skill players. It's hard to ignore Lamborghinis on the road, too.
But the true success comes from the five heavy-breathers up front: center B.J. Cavender, guards Tyshon Mosely and Zach Larsen, and tackles Ian Moes and Aaron Reupena.
"That Jordan offensive line — they're just so danged tough and that offense is just so good," Lone Peak coach Tony McGeary said. "It's tough to stop an offense like that."
The five have combined for 12 years and 196 games of starting experience, 1,365 pounds and a grocery bill that stretches to Mexico City. In the four years with at least one member starting, the 'Diggers are 37-13 while advancing to the semifinals three times.
"I believe (we're) one of the best lines in the state, if not one of the best in the nation," Mosely said after advancing to the 5A state championship with a 35-14 win over Lone Peak on Thursday. "That's honestly what I believe. We've been working hard and it obviously shows."
Against the Knights, the offensive line paved the way for 469 total offensive yards and 263 yards on the ground without a single sack.
"We gel great together; we're brothers," said Cavender while sporting a scraggly beard. "We hang out together, we eat school lunch together (and) we do everything together. We're just with each other all the time so we trust everybody. We wouldn't be that good if we didn't trust each other."
Sophomore quarterback Austin Kafentzis, with virtually enough time to dance "Gangnam Style" in the pocket, went 13-of-17 for 206 yards and one touchdown while adding 127 yards and another score on the ground. Clay Moss added 116 yards and three touchdowns.
"It's a great group so we try and ride them as much as we can. The funny thing about is, yeah they're blessed, but they're a really hard-working group," Jordan coach Eric Kjar said. "There's a lot of ability but they're a tight-knit group and I think they have a lot of confidence. They take pride in their position and how they play and they're accountable for it."
The Beetdiggers ran 65 plays for an average of 7.2 yards per snap and converted on 10-of-12 third-down situations. Only once did the offense have a third-and-long and were 4-for-4 in the red zone.
"I can't say anything else about them," Kafentzis said. "They're the strongest guys out there and I couldn't ask for a better offensive line. I have 100 percent faith in them."
Typically, offensive lines are fueled by food portions appropriate for a family of four, but are notoriously known as the funniest players on the roster.
"They all call each other bacon and they don't even care if they're called fat. It's just funny listening to them and they're a great offensive line," laughed Kafentzis. "Me and my offensive line go at it all the time. I always say something that gets under their skin and they say something back that gets under my skin — like throwing an interception. In the end, we know we're a team on game day when we need it."
The five up front will try to help Jordan capture its first state title since 1994 against unbeaten Syracuse on Friday, Nov. 16 at 2:30 p.m. at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

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