Apr 26, 2013

buffalobillsdraft.com names Cody Larsen as NFL Draft Sleeper

"Cody Larsen, DT, Southern Utah, 6’2 300 LBS
Largely hidden in the Big Sky, Larsen is a gem that could make a 4-3 team or even a 3-4 team, very happy. Blessed with tremendous strength, Larsen benched the 225 40 times, better than anyone at the 2013 NFL Combine at Utah State’s Pro Day last week. Even as a big body in the middle of the Southern Utah D, Larsen still possesses the quickness and agility to get to the passer as demonstrated by the video below."

Still raw and untapped, Larsen still managed 6.5 sacks and 14 tackles for a loss for the Thunderbirds. Obviously quality of competition is a concern coming from the FCS ranks, but his play against Cal and Utah State showed that he has the ability to play against the best.
While slated to be a UDFA, given his great pro day workout, his future is less certain in a positive way. He is versatile, being nearly 6-3 and over 300 pounds, and with that size is a possible 4-3 tackle, with a chance also to be a 3-4 DE. Larsen must develop more pass rush moves and prove himself against elite blockers. He also needs to improve his hand placement and his center of gravity. Larsen certainly possesses the motor, the strength, and work ethic to succeed, as he was not highly recruited out of high school. Look for a team to be very pleasantly surprised by Larsen in camp. This writer would look at teams like the Chicago Bears, the New Orleans Saints, and Denver Broncos that could put him to work.

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