Jul 5, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune | Utah State football: Aggies gaining edge with what they eat

Tyler Larsen watched his strength coach amble over to the Top Ramen and macaroni and cheese in the grocery store, and he started to hope for some good news.
The senior Utah State lineman grew up eating instant noodles, and he almost could taste them as Dave Scholz picked them up off the shelf. Maybe he would get a break. Maybe this was something he could eat.
"Stay away from this stuff," Scholz said, putting it back in its place.
Larsen’s heart sank into his gut.
Not part of the story, but I couldn't resist.
"It killed me seeing that," he said. "I didn’t want to give that stuff up. But after two or three weeks eating right, we understand why we’re doing it."
It was a few months ago when Larsen started cutting out carbs from his diet and paying closer attention to what he ate. But like the rest of the Aggies, he’s now bought into the offseason program with his strength and his stomach, and he’s seeing results.
"You feel sore after workouts, but your body doesn’t feel like it’s about to collapse, and I think that has a lot to do with our nutrition," he said. "It’s like clockwork now."
Scholz, a former power lifter, is in his second tenure as a strength coach with the Aggies, but this is his first year as the guy in charge. In between stints at Utah State, he spent two years with the San Francisco 49ers, most recently in charge of quarterbacks, kickers, and nutrition planning for the entire team.
After rejoining the program, Scholz saw there was no problem getting his players to lift weights and run. He has instituted a few tweaks in how the Aggies work out, but he felt getting them to eat like champs could make the biggest change.
"Everybody’s lifting weights, but if you look at training holistically, not everyone is pushing nutrition," he said. " I can’t take a 300-pound lineman down to 250 pounds, but I can make those 300 pounds look a bit different."

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