Sep 5, 2013

Draft Scout Praises Tyler Larsen's Game vs. Utah

Lead scout for, Darren Page, praised Tyler Larsen's performance as "...simply looking a class above theopposition." Despite the victory going to the Utes, it was the Aggie's center that caught Page's attention.

"These prospects are ones who caught my eye through either my perusing of live games over the weekend slate or my studying of games this week.

Usually when offensive linemen catch the eye, it’s because of mistakes made or poor overall play. Tyler Larsen was the opposite. He put in a dominant performance against Utah, simply looking a class above the opposition. Larsen was tasked with handling the nose tackle 1 v. 1 throughout most of the game. He put his football acumen on display by understanding responsibilities and his gap leverage. He also showed off his athletic skills. Larsen’s feet are light and allow him to move laterally. He made a high impact at the second level as a run blocker as well. His punch and extension were terrific as a pass blocker, as was his ability to anchor the pass rush. He was a big reason Chuckie Keeton had as much space to work with as he did."

- Darren Page, DLD Lead Scout -

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