Oct 2, 2013

Deseret News | Tyler Larsen Recalls the 2010 Win Over BYU

BYU, USU football: Aggies from 2010 game remember win over Cougars

Published: Wednesday, Oct. 2 2013 12:59 p.m. MDT

Center Tyler Larsen lines up across his older brother
Cody Larsen in a USU vs. SUU game.


Larsen, who has started every game in his USU career, is the lone returning Aggie who started that 2010 game.

Larsen said the Aggies’ efforts against the Cougars the past two seasons were as strong as in 2010, but it was BYU that made an extra play. In 2011, QB Riley Nelson connected with Marcus Mathews on a tipped pass with 11 seconds remaining, and last year, a missed field goal from Utah State's Josh Thompson proved the difference in a defensive bout.

“The bottom line is who makes more plays at the end, but we played great from a team standpoint,” Larsen said, emphasizing the 2010 win and 2011 loss. “We want to direct their play. Their defense is about the same and their offense has changed, but the bottom line is that we have got to make one more play.”

Sounds like a man in charge. That shouldn’t be a surprise: even as a freshman, the Salt Lake City native made all the blocking calls for the Aggie offense.

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