May 15, 2014 | Tyler Larsen and Miami Dolphins Serve Thier Community

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Dolphins Rookies Team With Rebuilding Together For Home Improvement Project

by Tristin Jones

Being a member of the Miami Dolphins comes with many responsibilities and one of those is giving back to the South Florida community. Dolphins rookies are learning that very early on as they teamed up with Rebuilding Together for an important home improvement project. 

The rookies arrived at the home of military veteran Roger Carter ready to get their hands dirty painting, landscaping, and removing debris. Carter was in desperate need of home improvements after it became physically impossible for him to take care of the property himself. 

The players broke off into groups and started with various tasks and assignments. At the front of the house, rookies raked, planted flowers and mulched to beautify the exterior. Around the house, groups cleaned up various debris, including an old boat, and loaded it all into a large dumpster. 

As the day came to an end, the property was much cleaner and free from debris. The exterior was landscaped and looking beautiful with the addition of all the flowers. 

“It means a lot especially to (be able) to do this so early on,” said Dolphins first-round draft choice Ja’Waun James. “We’ve only been here a week and we are out here in the community reaching out, getting ourselves out here, and also helping people. It’s definitely cool and it’s great to have the Dolphins have us (rookies) give back so much so early.” 

The Rebuilding Together event not only served as great experience for the rookies to give back to the South Florida community, but also as a way for the guys to bond and learn how teamwork is also impactful off the field.

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